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    Who is Jodie Hopperton?


    Excellent question. Here are a few things to know:


    She's a news media veteran currently spending time researching and sharing news products for INMA.


    Also a connector and public speaker.


    Someone who is so passionate about innovation in her adopted home she wrote a book: Los Angeles Reinvented.


    Constantly working on living a balanced, happy life. Lessons learnt and hacks found at Fore Good Measure.

  • A little about me

    Jodie Hopperton is a British media executive based in Los Angeles. In a career spanning more than 20 years, she has worked with technology startups in addition to corporate roles with Trinity Mirror and the New York Times. She has also worked with nonprofits such as the World Association of Newspapers and the Global Editors Network.


    She lived in Paris, Madrid and London before moving to Los Angeles in 2015, where she ran executive study tours in Los Angeles, seeing that it had become every bit as inspiring as Silicon Valley – probably more so for media.


    Realising that Los Angeles isn’t an easy city to understand, she wrote Los Angeles Reinvented to demystify the city and to convey to the wider world the scale and depth of the innovation taking place there.


    Bringing her two passions of news media and innovation, she is currently leading a Product Initiative for INMA, the international news media association.


    You can often find Jodie on stage, real or virtual, as a moderator or giving informative talks around the world.

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    Speaker, Moderator, Chairwoman

    Jodie is adept at public speaking. Recently she did a fireside chat with AG Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times (which broke a couple of new stories), spoke with Nick Thompson, CEO of the Atlantic and the authors of 'New Power' Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms, amongst others at the Times Center in New York.


    Whether giving an inspiring, informative and entertaining keynote that demystifies Los Angeles, sharing experiences and life hacks for women and busy people based on FGM, or bringing out the best in other people on stage, she makes audiences and speakers feel relaxed and informed.


    You may have seen Jodie chairing or moderating for GEN, Google GNI, Meta, VidCon, INMA, World News Media Network or The Great Loyalty Debate.


    Or giving talks for Google Newsgeist, Producers Guild of America, The Logan Symposium, Nexxworks, INMA, or the International Journalism Festival.



  • INMA World Congress 2023

    The Times Center, New York

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  • My book: Los Angeles Reinvented

    Los Angeles is fundamentally different from any other city and a challenging place to navigate, whether you are a tourist or an industry professional. In this book I set about demystifying the secret of LA’s innovation success by recording the fascinating stories of top executives from Disney, BAFTA LA, Westfield, Soylent, Riot International and Homeboy industries, as well as the founders of cutting-edge new companies. Jodie Hopperton looks at how Hollywood’s storytelling roots, production expertise and talent pool have intertwined with technology to make LA the biggest gaming, video and AR/VR hub in the world.


    On a journey to the heart of LA’s innovation scene, find out how a 15 year-old boy took a simple family recipe and turned it into a $600 million industry; why your breakfast croissant may have come from an ex-gang member; how a follicly-challenged CEO built a personalised hair colouring company that has taken the world by storm; which company really invented the drive-thru (clue: it wasn’t McDonalds) and why the number 405 can be used as a swear word.


    You can buy Los Angeles Reinvented on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or most other online bookstores.

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    The pandemic made it clear that women can't ‘do it all’. Or at least not do everything as well as we want to while staying sane. So the fabulous Kaley Lillibridge Nichol and I have been investigating what are the main buckets in life, how we each figure out which ones we want to focus on at any given time and how we can set ourselves goals to change our habits. We’ve developed a framework and continuining 'life hacks' to help other people who are like us.

    Why? Because we believe in it. It’s helped us and we think many others can benefit from it too. Check it out and share it with anyone that may find it helpful. There’s no charge. There is no catch. It’s a passion project. Everything can be found on Medium here: www.foregoodmeasure.com.



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