• Jodie Hopperton

    A news media junkie. Currently going deep on all things digital product related.


    I'm a connector and public speaker.


    When the world was normal I ran executive innovation tours in California from my home in Silicon Beach.


    Check out my book: Los Angeles Reinvented.

  • Jodie Hopperton is a British media executive based in Los Angeles. In a career spanning more than 15 years, she has worked with technology startups in addition to corporate roles with Trinity Mirror and the New York Times. She has also worked with nonprofits such as the World Association of Newspapers and the Global Editors Network.


    She lived in Paris, Madrid and London before moving to Los Angeles in 2015, where she founded FORE:media in the belief that Los Angeles has become every bit as inspiring as Silicon Valley – probably more so.


    Realising that Los Angeles isn’t an easy city to understand, she recently wrote Los Angeles Reinvented to demystify the city and to convey to the wider world the scale and depth of the innovation taking place there.


    Bringing her two passions of news media and innovation, she is currently leading a Product Initiative for INMA, the global news association.


    You can often find Jodie on stage, real or virtual, as a moderator or giving informative talks.


  • I founded FORE on the belief that Los Angeles has become equally, if not more, inspiring than Silicon Valley.


    We bring executives to Los Angeles to help them stay on top of the ever-shifting business environment we live in - from obtaining the knowledge and tools to build and adapt strategies for their businesses to connecting and collaborating with technology and innovation leaders. We have arranged Innovation Journeys in Los Angeles for clients ranging from Boston Consulting Group to the Global Editors Network.

  • Los Angeles Reinvented

    By Jodie Hopperton

    In recent years Los Angeles has become a major force in innovation. Hollywood’s storytelling roots, production expertise and talent pool have intertwined with technology to make LA the biggest gaming, video and AR/VR hub in the world.


    Los Angeles is fundamentally different from any other city and a challenging place to navigate, whether you are a tourist or an industry professional. Jodie Hopperton, a leading British media executive, set about demystifying the secret of LA’s innovation success by recording the fascinating stories of top executives from Disney, BAFTA LA, Westfield, Soylent, Riot International and Homeboy industries, as well as the founders of cutting-edge new companies.


    On a journey to the heart of LA’s innovation scene, find out how a 15 year-old boy took a simple family recipe and turned it into a $600 million industry; why your breakfast croissant may have come from an ex-gang member; how a follicly-challenged CEO built a personalised hair colouring company that has taken the world by storm; which company really invented the drive-thru (clue: it wasn’t McDonalds) and why the number 405 can be used as a swear word.

  • Work with me

    Jodie offers her skills, experience and network to help build and enhance businesses through creating products and services, bringing new projects to fruition and products to market.

    Digital Products for media: strategies to create outstanding products that users love and keep coming back to. From organisation structure to frameworks through to innovative new products, Jodie can bring best practices from around the world to your business.


    Operations: taking complexities and turning them into more simple processes that make everything work better for everyone involved.


    Commercial Strategy: from pricing models, content partnership strategies, data propositions, or onboarding procedures, Jodie can help you structure a project or business for success. Example: taking Trint from beta testing to launch.


    Developing Partnerships: from concept, developing the narrative, building out materials such as sales decks, one-pagers and designing product mock-ups and demo through to building and signing sustainable business partnerships. in almost every country.


    Network: with over 20 years in senior roles within the international news media at an executive level Jodie has deep connections with executives.


    Setting up in LA: helping companies land in LA from offices, to hiring, to tailoring sales and marketing for the LA and US market and making personal introductions.


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  • Speaker, Moderator, Chairwoman

    Jodie is adept at public speaking. Whether giving an inspiring, informative and entertaining keynote that demystifies Los Angeles or bringing out the best in other people on stage, she makes audiences and speakers feel relaxed and informed. Past speaking engagements include:

    • International Journalism Festival 2022 (Perugia, virtual)
    • INMA Virtual World Congress 2022
    • Nexxworks 'The offer you can't refuse' 2022 (Los Angeles)
    • INMA Virtual World Congress 2021 and Product & Data Summit 2021
    • INMA (International News Media Association) Virtual World Congress 2020
    • Big Data for Media 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 (London, New York, San Francisco)
    • Global Editors Network Summit 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 & 2019 (Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens)
    • Google Newsgeist 2019 (Athens)
    • PGA 'Produced By' 2016 (Los Angeles)
    • Logan Symposium 2016 (Oakland, CA)
    • Marketing for StartUps 2014 (London)
    • Great Loyalty Debate 2014 (London)
    • Union of Marketing & Technology 2014 (London)
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  • What they say

    Wolfgang Blau

    President, Conde Nast International

    “…. a remarkable executive with an astounding network of industry contacts around the world, she exudes optimism and is one of these rare colleagues with the combined abilities to connect, learn, inspire and execute.”

    Betrand Pecquerie

    CEO, Global Editors Network


    “Always efficient and creative! It is a pleasure to work with Jodie as she is simplifying the problems when so many people try to complicate them.”

    Alex Meisl

    Owner, Grey Hair Works

    "Jodie is a superstar who combines passion, commitment\visionand an innate ability to unite people and get the best out of them.I have seen her develop over more than 10 years and amconvinced that she is someone who will be a major name in thenear future."

    Caitlin Clarke

    Global Head Strategy & Growth, Commercial Devt, Financial Times

    "It was a pleasure working for Jodie. She has a deep knowledge of the media industry and openly shared her experiences and insight with her colleagues. As a manager, she was conscientious and attentive, always providing constructive guidance and consistent support. She allowed her junior colleagues to grow under her tutelage, encouraging their professional interests and aiding to expand them further. Jodie was a valuable and inspiring colleague who I would recommend for anything."

    Jeffrey Koffman

    Founder, Trint

    "Jodie joined trint.com when it was a very early stage startup. As Consulting Head of Commercialization and Strategic Planning she immediately guided us through the implementation of key commercial systems (CRM, Analytics) and worked closely with us as we shaped the product, planned our early market testing and our phased commercial rollout. Jodie brings commercial expertise, great instinct and fierce focus, but equally important she is an invaluable team member: tough, straight-talking, reliable, dedicated. People love doing business with her. If you are looking to hire someone smarter... it's Jodie."

    Jessica Dalle Nogare

    Head of Business Development, LaterPay

    "Working for Jodie was a pleasure and I highly recommend her and wish people to have the chance to work with/for her. She is very dynamic, organized, perfectionist and professional. Whether it was at the New York Times or at The Global Editors Network, I was very impressed by the initiatives she takes and the results it created. Jodie is a great mentor and has been of a great help when I needed some advice and professional guidance. On top of her professional qualities, she is a great person that blends in any type of situation."